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At Webster & Co we have built a dedicated team to provide our Arab clients the kind of service and discreet personal attention that you desire. We have a team of agents and assistants that will be able to assist you in your own language and in accordance with you own customs.

There has been a longstanding connection between Marbella and many Arabic countries, as affluent Arabic visitors and investors have been buying homes in Marbella for many decades. Because of this long-term relationship, you can find in Marbella many services, restaurants and mosques (like the beautiful King Abdul Aziz Mosque in the Golden Mile), created by and for Arabic residents and visitors.

There is a special bridge that connects us, and at Webster & Co we want to ensure we make every customer feel as comfortable and welcome as possible with our personalised service.

Arab culture and Marbella’s deep ties

The Costa del Sol and Arab culture share a rich history spanning centuries. The proximity of Morocco has led to mutual influences in architecture, gastronomy, music and language.

During the period of Islamic rule in Spain in the 8th century, Al-Andalus, a region under Muslim rule that included the Costa del Sol, was established. The period of Al-Andalus left a lasting legacy in our culture that includes the adoption and adaptation of Andalusian Arabic words into Spanish, the development of unique musical forms such as flamenco, which is rooted in the cultural fusion of the region, and culinary traditions that blend North African spices and techniques with Iberian ingredients.

Islamic influence is also evident in the architecture and urban planning of the Costa del Sol, with numerous examples of Moorish architecture, such as the Alcazaba in Malaga, built by the Hammudid dynasty in the early 11th century.

Saudi Royalty have also chosen the Costa del Sol as a second home for decades, adding to the arab history of this area. With over 14 villas and palaces in the area of the Golden Mile as well as more than 10 of the largest moorings in the port of Puerto Banús, they have a quiet but important presence in the area.

In Puerto Banús you can also find an annual Kuwaiti Festival where visitors will be able to enjoy traditional Kuwaiti food and clothing as well as traditional live music and dance performances.

These historical and current connections highlight the intertwined relationship different Arab countries have with the Costa del Sol, making it a specially welcoming area no matter what country you come from.

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We offer a personalised concierge service that is flexible and built around your needs. So when you visit Marbella your days are as easy and comfortable as possible.

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